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The Futbol Club wants to establish a strong presence in South Florida as a leading indoor soccer facility. We wish to build long standing relationships with local business owners in order align marketing efforts and boost growth perspectives. We want to become your partner by offering direct target market exposure.

Let us deliver your message and build your brand. In business, companies grow mostly by reputation or directly in sales by referral or word of mouth.Our objective is to work alongside with you to better manage these tough economic times and achieve long term growth.

Partnership Benefits

We believe that a partnership with us will provide you with the following:

  • Strategic brand positioning
  • Larger customer base
  • Greater accessibility to target market
  • Cost effective marketing expenditure
  • Extensive networking capabilities

We estimate daily foot traffic to fall within 200 to 400 people. Every 10 weeks our adult and youth leagues change and bring in new faces. This will grant you significantly exposure on a daily basis, and over 9,000 onsite visits per month. Our goal would be to strengthen your brand as we strive to strengthen ours.

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For more information please contact our main office:
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Phone: 954-247-8208

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