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Baseball Stars(2-6yrs)


It’s time for pure ball action. Baseball Stars is a learning platform for toddlers of all levels. Our understanding of baseball comes to life in this ideal set up for kids and parents. Our approach is simple: a fundamental understanding of game like situations with a continued drill set that slowly develops individual performance. In a fun environment, with excellent coaching staff, we will accomplish all this, as both player and parent involvement are all necessary. We look to create BASEBALL STARS in this exceptional program, so join the fun and make TFC your training ground!

The Futbol Club combines a fresh indoor concept with a must see facility. Kids of all levels are welcome, ages 2 through 6, boys and girls. Our passion remains in making sports a vital learning platform for your child. Bring the entire family and let everybody enjoy!


Age Programs

Current Session: Next Session – Week of January 5th to Week of February 16th, 2015
Length: 7 classes
Cost: $130
Additional Information: Registrations are Open for Winter Session!


Aces (3 – 4 years)

Play ball! Get ready to make a statement on the pitch. Toddlers are introduced to the basics of baseball as we look to incorporate several methods of training and playing. Throwing and holding the bat properly are two essential elements of the class. Running to and from bases are introduced while agility and fitness are slowly developed throughout the session. Let’s get the game going…

  • Class Ratio 8:1
  • Parent Participation is a must
Day Time
Monday 5:00 PM
Winter Session: Week of January 5th to Week of February 16th   Register Here


Strikers (4-5 years)

Sweet Spot! We now look for growth and progress in each drill and exercise, as we also work on fitness and agility. Our frame of work becomes more advanced though we continue to put forth game situations while improving fundamentals. We must remain focused on the basics to deliver better performance. Teamwork is slowly a part of our agenda. Let’s keep up the good work…

  • Class Ratio 10:1
Day Time
Monday 5:00 PM
Winter Session: Week of January 5th to Week of February 16th   Register Here


Sluggers (5-6 years)

Home Run! As kids become familiar with base running techniques, correct hitting, and throwing, we introduce game like situations in a team oriented environment. Our set up conveys a more detailed use of the glove, while reinforcing throwing mechanics which allow for a better control and movement on the pitch. Time is right…

  • Class Ratio 8:1
Day Time
Monday 5:00 PM
Winter Session: Week of January 5th to Week of February 16th   Register Here


Pricing Information

10 week session: Regular Price $160
9 week session:
Regular Price $150
8 week session:
Regular Price $140
7 week session:
Regular Price $130
6 week session:
Regular Price $120
* Discounts may apply

IMPORTANT REGISTRATION NOTICE: A minimum number of kids must be met in order to open any class. If minimum is not met then class will be put “on hold” until further notice. Please have a second class choice in case the minimum is not met for the first choice. A FULL refund will be given to anyone who decides not to enroll due to class cancellation.


Please visit our FAQ section for more information. Click Here

For more information please contact our main office:
Phone: 954-247-8208

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